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Adults, Teenagers, and Children Can Wear Braces in Richmond VA

If you care about your overall health, then visiting a dentist in Richmond VA twice a year for routine dental care is imperative. A dentist can teach you more about daily dental hygiene, but you can also have ugly teeth repaired with restorative dentistry. If you have low self-esteem because you have overlapping teeth, then you can learn what variety of braces is appropriate for fixing your malocclusions. For minor problems such as small gaps between your teeth, it is possible to wear clear aligners that you can remove from your teeth while you are brushing or flossing. While orthodontics in Richmond VA can improve the appearance of your smile, fixing your teeth with aligners or braces will also make it easier to chew food, perform dental hygiene and talk correctly. Visit Far Soltanian in Richmond VA today for braces.

Repair Tooth Decay With Color-matching Fillings or Customized Dental Crowns in Richmond VA

Before wearing braces or aligners, you should have your teeth repaired with color-matching fillings or customized crowns. When you are performing daily dental hygiene with practices such as brushing and flossing, you will rarely have any tooth decay, but if you do, then a dentist in Richmond VA can remove the bacteria from the cavity to prevent additional problems. If you haven’t taken care of your teeth, then a huge cavity can develop, and you will need a dental crown to cover the sensitive pulp in a tooth. In most cases, a dentist can make an attractive crown in only one day. Visit our office today for tooth decay repair in Richmond VA!

Contact Your Dentist For Efficient Wisdom Teeth Removal in Richmond VA

If you are a teenager or young adult, then you may have third molars that require removal. When your mouth is small, there isn’t enough space for third molars in your gums, so you will need wisdom teeth removal as soon as possible. When you are having pain in your jaw or experiencing frequent headaches, visit a dentist in Richmond VA who can collect medical images of your mouth. It is possible to have one or more wisdom teeth in the upper or lower area of your mouth. Most dentists in Richmond VA remove all of the wisdom teeth during one oral surgery so that you only need sedation or anesthesia for one procedure. The recovery from third molar extraction can take several days, so you must plan on resting at home.

Schedule an Appointment With a Pediatric Dentist Every Six Months in Richmond VA

When you have children, regular pediatric dentistry in Richmond VA appointments is important so that your children can have their teeth cleaned every six months. You should make sure that your child has the dental hygiene equipment required for removing food debris so that she will have fewer cavities. However, children often aren’t able to brush their teeth adequately, and this can lead to gum disease at a young age. If your child has the beginning stages of gingivitis, then the infection can damage her tooth buds or alveolar bones. A knowledgeable pediatric dentist in Richmond VA can find a dental health issue in the earliest stage to fix the problem before it leads to a loss of teeth.